Building expertise

An anesthesiologist at the Bishkek City Perinatal Hospital applies his newly-learnt skill to administer an epidural

The challenge

To deliver high-quality perinatal services, health facilities need to be staffed by the correct number and mix of clinical personnel, each with the right competencies, who can work as an integrated team to manage complex cases.

The approach

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the project supports the development and introduction of transparent, competence-based human resource planning, management and recruitment tools which will help to guarantee quality standards at the new National Perinatal Center, which is being established in Bishkek with German support. The center will serve as the first specialised tertiary-level institution for pregnant women and newborns in the country and as a center of excellence for perinatal care. Technical measures implemented by the project in support of the National Perinatal Center complement the financial support for infrastructure and equipment provided by KfW.

The project also works with selected hospitals to optimise roles and responsibilities in the provision of perinatal care services by developing and piloting approaches to task-shifting between doctors and midwives.

In cooperation with the Department of Evidence-based Medicine of the Ministry of Health, the project is adapting the Safe Delivery App developed by the Danish Maternity Foundation to the Kyrgyz context. This app provides an aid for skilled birth attendants to manage complications during pregnancy and childbirth.