New information platform for MHIF and e-Health Center

New information platform for MHIF and e-Health Center

Certified IT-specialists  © GIZ /m4health

From October 14 to 26 a second round of training on DHIS2 software took place in Bishkek for IT specialists from the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHIF) and the eHealth center.

DHIS2 – which stands for District Health Information Software, version 2 – is a free, open source software platform for reporting, analysing and transferring data within health systems. It is currently used in more than 60 countries around the world. DHIS2 allows health managers and policymakers to monitor and analyse the quality of health services, including through the use of customisable dashboards.

Following the training, eight IT specialists from the MHIF and e-Health Center are now able to work with this information platform and its modules, a number of which will be built or specially customised for use in Kyrgyzstan. An international DHIS2 expert helped the Kyrgyz IT professionals to install and configure the servers supported by the Promotion of Perinatal Health project for this purpose.

Now that its database has been imported into DHIS2, the MHIF can create dashboards to monitor the quality of care in facilities across the country. In addition, the National Center for Mother and Child Care, together with the e-Health Center, will be developing a national cerebral palsy registry which will help to improve the management of patients through a national network of rehabilitation centers and to monitor the quality of perinatal care.

Technical support for the introduction of DHIS2 has been provided by management4health GmbH, a German consulting company working on behalf of GIZ.