#EduHakathon - innovative learning platform

#EduHakathon - innovative learning platform

Team ‘Amanat’ (Heritage): students of the medical faculty of Osh State University at #EduHackathon in Osh   ©GIZ/Rakhat Abdykhalikova

The first #EduHackathon for medical students took place in December in Osh and Bishkek. It was organized by NGO Kyrgyz Family Planning Alliance (KFPA) under the technical support of the Kyrgyz-German project on promotion of perinatal health, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Government. Young professionals tried their skills in design and video production. The task was to develop practical and calling to action promotional materials for the work with communities about pregnancy period and care for a newborn.

#EduHackathon is a new learning environment and brings innovations into education system. It promotes principles of cocreation, collaborative learning and student/learner engagement.

Teams in Osh © GIZ/Rakhat Abdykhalikova

Greeting the winners © GIZ/Rakhat Abdykhalikova

Before students made a survey among 500 people to assess knowledge about pregnancy and newborn care. During #EduHackathon they split into teams of 10-12 and in two days have generated ideas and designed prototypes for 16 infographics, 1 leaflet, 14 video clips and 18 posts for social media. ‘You motivated us to believe in ourselves. A couple of days ago we thought that this work was unattainable ...’ says Khalkhojaev Toichikhodja, Team of the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University ‘Baby Boss’. They defended developed products in front of experts, just the same way as experts defend health promotional materials at the Expert Council of the Ministry of Health. The winning products will be finalized by NGO KAFP and used in the official promotion campaign.

Baktygul Bozgorpoeva, Director of NGO KFPA, was happy with the results of event: ‘Hackathon itself is already a significant event. Nevertheless, I was surprised both with the number of teams and the quality of their products. Of course, there still will be a fine tuning, but we could see already a unique things in each product either in it’s idea or a design’.


February 2020